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Originally Posted by youyou View Post
Palestenians have had many offers given to them many times and they always refused.
A. Like you said " they want the nation of Isreal to be desolved."
B. They want Jerusalem.
Neither will ever happen until the last jew or Israeli i know will exist.
Never again will we be put in a situation where another Holocaust can happen
We will fight for our freedom and right to survive until the last man standing.
Well said. If you read islamic history and teachings which i'm sure you'll be well versed in, then you will find the muslims believe that the zionists have a big role to play in the end times. It has been prophesised that Jeruselum will be under the control of the zionists in the end times and will be recaptured for the muslims with the coming of The Messiah. So stay there for the prescribed time you must.