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Originally Posted by snawaz View Post
My zionist friend as long as you occupy the arab lands you will never have peace and security. Why dont you open your eyes and realise that if you had not stolen the arab lands in the first place there would not be all this mayhem in the middle-east.

You always refer to the wiping out of the Jews. This has never been the intention of any muslim people. The zionist state yes, the Jews no! You provoke and provoke, and the propagandists that you are, make others believe lies about how you came to create israel.

You are a powerful people now, but it will not always be, as history has taught us.

Which zionists turn is it to reply to this?
Where do you get that the area in question is "Arab land"? When did it become "Arab land"? Was it "Arab land" when the Ottoman Turks ruled it for 600 years? Or when the Byzantines or Romans ruled?

Take a look at this link and tell me we are speaking of "Arab land".

Are you claiming the State of Israel did not come about because of the UN Partition Plan, the rejection of the plan and subsequent attack by the Arabs, and the resulting defeat of the Arabs? If so, what is your version of events?

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