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Originally Posted by dr.jay View Post
Damn!!! His name is Dillon Baxter, he made a late visit to Michigan and I thought we could sway him especially with Carrol leaving but in the end Lame Kitten held on... Fuck!!!! He would have looked good in Maize and Blue
I'm glad he didn't commit to Michigan. No line, turnover machines at QB in a broken system with coaches who get out-coached by even the bottom-tier Big Ten programs, looming investigations.... Just tired of seeing talent get wasted in that program since "real" football took off a couple years ago.

Once we've got a staff, with a real system, committed to winning football games, I'll be upset that we missed out on kids like this. But until then, it would be a shame if he ended up in our program.

Dick Rod has brought the Lions ways to Ann Arbor. Isn't it great?