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Originally Posted by ElCapitan View Post
As I stated in my original post I apologize since you have served and fulfilled your civic duty. I respect greatly that you and your family have done your part and served in the Israel Army. I didn't know that you did your service, you never stated otherwise earlier in your posts. Also, many Canadian immigrants (I didn't know that you were a Canadian citizen and not an immigrant) are coming to Canada to escape mandatory military service in their country of origin including France and Israel.

You are right, I will never fully understand the situation since I never went in the middle east. All I know is that from the perspective of an outsider (me) the retataliation against the people of Lebanon seemed exagerated. This considering that most western media are contributing to, most of the time, defend the underdog and to victimize the weakest, in this case, Lebanon against the necessary powerful military machine of Israel. If the retaliation was not only for the six soldiers kidnapped, it sure looked as an excuse to go after the heart of the country that is unfortunately infested with Hezbollah.

Terrorism is a modern day plague that must end. Unfortunately, I think that the strategies that we are employing are not successful. I think we are loosing the most important part of the battle, the hearts and mind of the people that are being recruited to fight us. They hate us all and Israel is unfortunately the closest enemy to which it is easy to draw down to their level on their battlefeild. The cycle of violence must be broken and it is usually broken by the most mature party (in this case Israel). I don't know how it can be done but I think we (including Israel) are taking the wrong path and we are fighting a never ending battle. For every innocent civilian that gets killed, a hundred other are volunteering to avenge them. These people have nothing to loose, are misinformed, filled with hatred and are willing to sacrifice their life for the glimpse misguided prospect to better their people's future. That makes the most dangerous kind of enemy.

Once again, please accept my humble apology. And may your people enjoys peace one day. If they do, it will be partly due to you and others that serve and have served to protect Israel and its citizen and you should be proud of that.


Apology accepted.
You see the problem is that Israel fights for the survival not only of it's country but for the survival of the jewish people.
When you are a tiny grain of sand surrounded by a beach of Arab countries that want to drive you in the water then you fight to survive.
Anyhow this is a very complicated subject and the bottom line is peace would be the best result. But until we start dealing with people and not terrorists then the situation will not change.