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Damn Straight GO WINGS!

Originally Posted by zackday30 View Post
You all must not be watching the 100% healthy redwings as of late! They win the west, Nabokov has been off as of late for San Jose, Chicago's goaltending is sketchy at times and couldn't beat Detroit (relying on Kane? Really?), if they make it that far, and Luongo scares me as well; it seems like he has trouble tracking the puck at times. I see Detroit vs. Washington in the cup finals. Although I hope my pens surprise me, they just don't seem to be in the same form that they were in at the end of last season.

I say the kings win the series against the canucks in 6. Overall for the first round in the east, I say the Caps, Devils, Pens and Bruins advance; in the west its San Jose, Chicago, Detroit, and LA.

In the semi's, Caps and Devils in the east, detroit and chicago in the west

Caps v. Detroit in the cup finals; detroit wins in 6

BAM! Thats what I predict! Anyone else want to make some bold predictions?
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