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Don't quote me on this, but you don't need to have roll cage or full harness unless you are running the modified and super modified class. The reason why I ordered the Recaro SPG was because I wanted to get more support from the seat on the track so I don't have to worry about keeping my left leg tense to the dead pedal trying to keep myself in the seat.

The 265 and 285 tires worked very well, I thought I would need to go 295 to keep the back end from getting too loose but it was a nice balance. You still get plenty of rear end grip and nice turn in feeling. Car has the perfect balance for me right now but it all depends on your driving style. I might try to go a little wider in the rear but I see no reason going for a square set-up unless you are trying to safe money, in which case you have to compromise.

The red thing behind the grills are RPI scoops.

FYI - I have had very little driving experience - only been doing this for a year with very good instructors from PCA and SCDA1. So for those who are starting to track or are tracking the M right now, don't think that you'll never be good at it. Keep learning and listen to your instructors.

I also went down to Spartanburg to do the One day M driving school earlier this year in January. I think that was what that made the biggest difference. The instructors in M school really wanted you to push the car hard, every single braking zone was limit braking, they talked about trail braking and transitioning from braking to putting the power smoothly. I also learned about smooth steering inputs, committing to a turn and unwinding the steering wheel with as little mid-corner adjustments as possible. Other than that, it's all about hand eye coordination, looking where you want to go and being aware of your surroundings. Train yourself to look pass the apex through the turn, look for corner flaggers and be aware of them.

To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised with the result this weekend.

Below is another video during the practice session where I passed modified class Evo and Cobb tuning 370z. The best part about this is there's no point to pass rule even though it is encouraged by the track chief; it is not mandatory. Enjoy!

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