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Originally Posted by DevJ View Post
Good luck! Interval cardio is the best way to shed pounds. As long as you have your heart rate in your 'target zone' you'll be burning calories (without being extremely hungry after your work out). Also, manage your diet. If you drink sodas, cutting them out and drinking water instead will really benefit you. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day. You'll be at your target weight in no time
Thanks for sharing the knowledge, Dev!

My diet isn't too bad, but you're right in that it could be better. I don't drink very much sodas, and I actually stay away from them. All I drink is water, milk, orange juice, Gatorade, and maybe a diet 7 UP every once in a while. I don't drink any alcohol either.

My main problem is that I'm sitting on the computer too much while on this forum LOL!

Looks like I need to find that right balance between moving my tooshy, and not moving my tooshy.