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Originally Posted by ElCapitan View Post
I hear a lot of talk but I see no walk. Are you a citizen of Israel? If so why aren't you serving in their military right now fighting the oppressors of your nation? You used the word "we" so I assumed you are Israelli. You preach the whipe down fo the oppressors of Israel but yet you seem to live a cushy life in Mtl. I am a serving member in the Canadian Forces, I help provinding you with the safety and security you enjoy in Canada.

As for Isreal's right to defend themselves no one is denying it. It is the way they exercised that right that is wrong. Two wrongs don't make it right. We (western allies, Israel, etc.) are suppose to be civilized. We should not accept under any circumstances the used of tactics that produces high collateral damage. It makes us look bad and helps recruitment for the enemy(ies). They hate us more. Israel was totally justified in retaliation against the abductions but they went to the extreme and stirredmore hate on themselves in the process.

If I was in the Israel army, I would accept the risks of being captured by the enemy but I do not think I am worth the price of hundred civilians. I knew what I was geting in when I signed the dotted line. Those risks come with the job.

If you have served in the Israel Forces and did you time, please accept my apologies and you have all my respect. If not, please step down from your piedestal of "we must whipe them all off the face of the earth" and give the respect to the people that are actually doing the fighting for you in the dirt and dust of middle east.

Peace and god bless us all.

Before accusing people of living a cushy life in Montreal you should ask questions!!!
First off yes i have served in the Israeli Army.
Was I born in Israel? No. I was born in Montreal Canada and I am as Canadian as you.
My parents lived in Israel and fought for Israel as well.
You seem to think that YOU are providing me my generous lifestyle i live in Canada because you are in the Canadian Armed Forces???!!! Are you kidding?
Israel has never asked any help from any Armed forces. Especially the Canadian armed forces.
Now back to the point at hand.
You will never understand what the people of Israel live through every day. You think that their retaliation is excessive??!! You have no idea what you are talking about. These people will not stop until every single jew is wiped off the face of the planet. I don't expect you to understand anyhow...
In wars civilians die. That's just the nature of war. It's very unfortunate but that's the way it has always been since the beginning of time. Now your telling me that a civilian that dies BY MISTAKE in Lebanon or wherever from an Israeli airstike is unacceptable, but an Israeli civilian that dies in a suicide bombimg ON PURPOSE is acceptable.
Please do me a favor and get off your high horse thinking you provide me with security because you are in the Canadian Armed Forces.
There is only one place that provides security for me and all Jews in the World.
And that is Israel.