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Originally Posted by Bob MG View Post
Yes but your car LOOKS awesome as well as goes Awesome! PGs car, no offence PG,... is well stock looking.
You could also spend another 11k on an ESS blower, then you would have the ultimate M3 ever, well after mine
Bahahaha!!! Thank you again, I honestly donīt know if I will go with an SC, I love the car dynamics and weight distribution as it is and I am afraid that for a track car and so on the supercharger would somewhat affect that performance (i.e., added weight in the front and higher above, bad, bad). Some may not be so interested in pure performance so that straight line performance is much more important and well, lets be honest, the car will still perform very, very well, I just donīt think that is my cup of tea yet! I am very fortunate to have "other" performance cars and have an 800plus hp twin turbo V8 Mercedes CLK AMG, that is my straight line performer. I honestly enjoy the RS46 M3 much more!