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^^^Hi buddy, yes please comment on these two fundamentally flawed statements

Originally Posted by M&M View Post
OK then we on the same track but that sentence I disagree with. I could be wrong and maybe I'm just plain stupid. But 5.5psi of air at 5000ft elevation does not have the same AMOUNT (not ratio) of O2 as 5.5psi of air at sea-level.

You are wrong..pressure of air directly relates to density. So 5,5 psi pressurised air at sea level is exactly as dense as 5,5psi pressurised air at 10,000 ft, with exactly the same amount of O2 in it. Same ratio AND same amount of actual molecules per specified volume of air

Sea-level 5.5 psi of compressed air has much more oxygen.

Definately wrong again. Think of a box of Inflated ballons.
At sea level there is 20 oxygen balloons and 80 nitrogen balloons.

Put the box in the boot of your m3, and drive up to my mountain retreat in Kazakhstan.

Open the boot. Inside there is still 100 balloons, only each one is bigger than it was at sea level. Why??? Because the atmospheric pressure is less therefore the force of pressure outside the balloon is less, making the balloon expand. So the actual number of molecules per volume of air take more space, hence air being thinner at altitude. (if volume stays constant, actual no of molecules reduces at altitude since they are bigger.

Ever wonder why your half full butt lube tube explodes in your bag when you fly? Lol if the other half is full of air, it expands and BANG. That's why you should remove the excess AIR in any container you pack before flying.

Like Ersin so eloquently said (which is what I was trying to say), is that the density changes up here. So yeah 5.5 psi is 5.5 psi. But it's not as dense. You are compressing air which is less dense to 5.5 lbs of boost.

covered above... I hope lol
density means concentration of molecules in the same 20/80 ratio per volume o air. At sea level there are more molecules packed into the specific volume of air compared to the same volume of air at 5000 ft. ...... Because each molecule is bigger at altitude. Please say you get it now

Granted it has been a while since I studied Boyle and his merry men and their laws, but I'm pretty sure I aced it at the time. Must be getting old.

But what is the discussion about again?

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