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Originally Posted by natedogg View Post
Ugg i got a ticket yesterday... by my house too!! the cop parket his car in a hidden street on the left. he was standing outside behind cars parket on the side of the street facing down a hill so you couldn't see him, i was going 41 mph and i was suposed to be driving 25 cause a residential area. when he clocked me in on his radar gun he just stood in front of the road and told me to pull over. most cops are hypocrites i see them speed all the time and zig zag through traffic when there sirens aren't even on. how much do you guys think the ticket is going to be??

p.s. there was two cops there and the guy behind me got a ticket too! do these cops make commission or something????

I know its my fault but it seems like they have nothing better to do.

Don't be bad mouthing the cop for doing one of his many jobs. Who else do you expect to be out there doing speed enforcement. Calling them hypocrites cause you see them speed....keep in mind they are working and in the execution of their duties. There will be times when they need to get somewhere in a hurry but dont necessarily need to use the lights and sirens. I would expect them to use them when they have to cross an intersection against a red light and have to get everyone to stop so they can proceed.
I don't know of any place where the officers "get a commission" on the tickets they give out. Imagine if they did...they'd probably write more if it meant more money in their pockets. But said yourself it was in your neighborhood so you should be aware of the speed limits and where the cops do their speed enforcement. I think most people speed and some of us just get caught once in a while. Just dont make a habit of getting caught. For all the times you've been speeding and didnt get caught compared to the one or two times you get a ticket...just take your lumps and deal with it. If you say you won't speed anymore, then getting the ticket did its job don't you think?
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