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You know, this discussion needs to be expanded a bit...

The first rule: follow the money. It's a sad but true fact that most municipalities and some regional and state governments actually include anticipated revenue from traffic fines in their budgeting process. This puts added pressure on law enforcement to cite drivers and collect fines. If speeding (a few miles over the limit, not blatant autobahn behavior) is such a serious problem, suspend the license of the violator. Something like two weeks for ten miles over, two months for 20 miles over, etc. would be more of a deterrent than a few bucks to the government coffers.

As far as cops having 'quotas', they'll all tell you that's not so. But, if you're a traffic cop (or traffic enforcement is part of your job), there is an unwritten assumption that you will write tickets. If you were to go couple of weeks without writing any, someone would most certainly notice. :-)

And, to the whiney parents who think speeders are out to kill their kids, take another look at the law: You are required, in most juristictions, to provide for the safety and well being of your children. The case could be argued that if your kid wanders off and runs in front of my car, YOU are as much at fault as I.
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