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Originally Posted by Bob MG View Post
The second you compress air to a certain pressure, provided temps are the same, then the amount of USABLE O2 is the same at both altitudes.
OK then we on the same track but that sentence I disagree with. I could be wrong and maybe I'm just plain stupid. But 5.5psi of air at 5000ft elevation does not have the same AMOUNT (not ratio) of O2 as 5.5psi of air at sea-level.

Sea-level 5.5 psi of compressed air has much more oxygen. Like Ersin so eloquently said (which is what I was trying to say), is that the density changes up here. So yeah 5.5 psi is 5.5 psi. But it's not as dense. You are compressing air which is less dense to 5.5 lbs of boost.

Originally Posted by Bob MG View Post
But its academic, your technical knowledge of pressure laws are not up to par, but your understanding of tuning is
Granted it has been a while since I studied Boyle and his merry men and their laws, but I'm pretty sure I aced it at the time. Must be getting old.

But what is the discussion about again?