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^^^ thanks for the technical explanation. I was going to quote pressure laws from scuba diving experience but I forgot the exact terminology and didn't want to sound like an uneducated mountain goat lol.

Reinforces my raised points re 02 being 20% of our air regardless of altitude.
So bottom line is, spin the blower faster to produce boost equal to sea level.
Only down side is noisier blower.

On your above point re needing to produce 0,17 bar to counteract the loss in density at 5000ft, it therefore means that you would need to use a pulley that would produce 2,46psi higher than what you want to achieve at 5000 ft.

So if you have a VT2 575 kit producing 5,5psi at sea level, you need a pully good for 8psi to achieve 5,5psi at 5000

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