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Originally Posted by wonsungnabi View Post
yea i got a pm from him yesterday. Still the same, nothing solved.

Are you an admin of this forum? If so, can you see my private messages between him and me for the past weeks?
You would have an idea of what is going on and cummunicate isn't the only problem.

I also made this thread if this could help you to decide anything.
I'm actually not one of the Admins, so it's impossible for me to view the exchange in PM's between you and him.

I looked over that thread which you provided me, and it's hard for me to judge what exactly is going on. The last thing I want to do is accuse someone of doing the wrong thing, especially when I don't know the complete story. From first impressions, he seems like a legit guy.

Like one of the members advised in your other thread, I would allow some more time since it hasn't been too long since you posted these threads.

I understand that there's this misunderstanding going on between you two, and I highly recommend that you keep respectful between the PM's with him. And I expect the same of him, as well. As long as you both keep calm, have patience, and keep good communication......Hopefully things will turn up.

I wish you both all the very best in resolving this issue.