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Originally Posted by xchosun1x View Post
4.11.2010 - new review. After some times has gone by since the tune (about 48 hours) I want to post up a new review. The acceleration in normal power mode has changed a good amount. definitely noticeable. When I say smooth, its a very flawless power delivery that has no hesitation or flat spots during acceleration. This is mostly within the 2-4k rpm range. Once in the mid range the acceleration turns more ferocious and the power gain is really noticeable as well. Up high......well...all smiles!
On an open stretch of freeway, I decided to power up and see what its got.
power, s5, mdm, dct 4th gear....the power gain was great. accelerated very smoothly all the way to redline and the shifts seems more crisp than before.
very very happy with the results and would recommend anyone who is looking a ecu upgrade to go with PC.

4.10.2010 - Yesterday morning I met the great guys at powerchip for the costa Mesa group buy. First to start off the guys were great. Very nice and professional.
The whole process was very quick and easy and they answered all my questions while I was observing the install.

So now for the results.

I felt an immediate, I mean instantaneous difference in the smoothness of acceleration. The car drove very smoothly.
I drive the car in dct manual and noticed the shifts were much more crisp and precise. It was something I didn't expect but was a nice surpirse.
I got to a freeway onramp gave it some gas. The acceleration was great. Felt like I was in power sport mode, but i wasn't. The response and throttle feel was much improved
I haven't driven the car yet in full sport mode but I will very soon. I wanted to thoroughly analyze the results. After a few hours of driving I felt the ecu was learning itself( correct me if I'm wrong) but felt the car started to perform better than when I first picked it up from pc.

I am very pleased withthe results and want to thank the guys at powerchip.
More reviews to come after some more driving.

Thanks pc!!

Quick question, when you brake and let the car automatically downshift into 2nd gear, do you still get the delay when flooring the pedal again? Is that lag/delay gone? If you've never experienced this, then just disregard this comment.