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Mine added it for free..
Originally Posted by chenitos View Post
Here is my story, my m3 is telling me to add a quart of engine oil because the oil level is at minimum. I was little worry so I called my buddy. He said it's normal and it happened to his 335 as well, just go to the dealer and they will top it off.
So I went to New Century, where I bought my car from, and told them my concern. The service advisor told me the same thing and told me to go buy a quart of oil from the part department and they will pour it in. I was lost for a second and ask him why this is not cover by BMW. He told me this is the policy for all North America dealerships and no dealerships will do it. I said" that's funny, because my friend has the same problem and South Bay BMW pour a quart in for free. then he got made and turned way. I was like wtf , I will take my business somewhere else.
I drove down to BMW at Monrovia, and guess what they did, they top it off for free.
New Century BMW can kiss my business goodbye.