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Originally Posted by rs1985
I am talking to my parents on buying a car
but they said is too much horsepower and not much of a difference
but I like the 330i because of the extra 40 hp
I need to convince them to let me get a 330i
but the horsepower is not a good reason they said
so bro and sis of e90post
i need you guys to help me
here is the question
why should i get a 330i over the 325i?

thank you!!

The only thing remotely close to a valid reason is that the 330 comes with more standard features thus is a better value than the 325, good luck with that. Honestly there are no valid reasons why you should get a 330 over a 325.

Since your parents are buying the car for you, you really have no say in the decision. Sorry if that sounds mean, but it's the truth. You should be happy enough that they are buying you a BMW.

My friend's lil brother is trying to convince his parents to buy a manual transmission Scion tC for him instead of an automatic, and he's even paying for the car himself every month he's just not old enough to take out the loan himself. That's a much different case since he's paying for everything himself, but even that might not go through.