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Originally Posted by just0307 View Post
I bought my 06 M3 about 5 weeks ago. I was going to buy the 335...but personally didnt like the interior no stones~~

yesterday while driving, i heard some weird sound from my rear right tire. It sounded like there was a little stone stuck in the brake disc, but im not 100% sure. I had that b4 like almost 2 weeks ago. And i checked the tire, i saw nothing stuck in there, so i kept driving. At about 50 mph, i can heard something sounds like a little rock or soemthing dropped off from my tire, and the sound went away with that too.
Did any1 experience that b4? Should I ask my dealer to check what's going on cuz it happened twice in 3 weeks!

Another question for Californians~is it legal to turn on fog light even if there's no fog??

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Second post, still trying to c how to post my pictures
Welcome to the forums. Congrats on the new car. The sound you were hearing is from a pebble being stuck between the rotor and the dust shield. If you try and pull back on the dust shield a little, it should fall out. As for using fogs when there is no fog. I doubt it is illegal, but it is inconsiderate, as fog lights tend to be quite glary for traffic in the opposite direction. Furthermore, leaving them on doesn't make your car look any better.