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ok guys, i got the ZCP rear spoiler installed today and took a few quick shots since i promised. in short, the spoiler looks amaaaaaaaaazing. again, the OEM fitment is perfect. it flows perfectly from the ZCP splitters, up to the custom CF/grey mirrors from IND, to the CF roof and to the rear spoiler. i think it's a tasteful amount of CF.

while there was no DIY for this, i assumed that when the OEM install guide does become available, it will call for the use of Betalink or some other epoxy-based adhesive. i stood around for 20 minutes with the Betalink in hand before i finally said fuck it, and decided to try 3M double sided tape instead. it works great and the spoiler feels very snug. since i didn't have tape on about the last inch on both sides due it being thin and shaped in a way that would be more conducive to Betalink, you can see a tiny 1/32" gap. i could easily snip a small piece of tape and wedge in there if i want to. in any event, i think the 3M tape is going to be just fine. the one reservation i have about using tape is that if you park in some sketchy spot, conceivably someone could easily just rip it off. Betalink would make that almost impossible, but the flip side is that it's on there for good. so, i'd say decide for yourself on that aspect.

install including removing the stock spoiler took about 20 minutes with most of that time actually getting the old tape and residue off the trunk and prepping it for the new spoiler.

i also am including a close-up of the custom CF and Space Grey mirrors that Nate and crew at IND made for me.
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