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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
I would love to see the whole show.

These people seemed to think they wereren't really going to meet up with trouble. To them, it was just a hoot.

Most places, if you go looking for trouble, you are going to get it.

Just think if they had written similar things about Allah and drove around Tehran, Iran. Just think if they drove through a ghetto with something ignorant written on their cars (that would be easy... just something using the "N" word). I don't know what would get people seriously mad in GB. Maybe something about the queen. Remember the Nazis marching through Skokie? In France, maybe something about cowardice.

It was pretty funny in a dumb and dumber kind of way. And I don't mean the southerners being dumb. I most definitely mean the people who put on the show. It reminds me of Jackass: The Movie. I never did watch that whole movie, but that is what comes to mind.

It was entertaining. I would have liked to see what would have happened if they hadn't erased their mistakes.

EDIT: Your link is no longer valid. Try this one:

yea but it was funny because they were upset about "nascar sucks!" and the "man love" signs.
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