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Originally Posted by PunjabiM3 View Post
Can some of you take pics of yours installed (straight on) so I can see if your shift pattern is perfectly straight or if it is a bit off center like mine?
To install it perfectly straight, I did it with the knob seated in place, but before final installation (with boot and everything). The cap can't be installed too far off since it's oval, but it can definitely be installed a bit off. Remember those guys don't have the knob in a car to do it perfect, so it's a matter of luck to get it right. And remember knob rotates slightly, so even if perfect in N, it'll be off in 6th, so it's not a huge deal to have it a bit off in N, especially if it's to the left, meaning it'd look perfect in 6th. Play around in 6th before you decide to mess with it. If it's rotated to the right even in N, I'd definitely fix it.

As it was said, just lift it off VERY carefully and seat it back on. The thing I didn't like about the LeatherZ lighted ZHP is the cap doesn't look as nice as stock (could be wrong on that though), but most importantly, lighting does not match stock one, AND no original connector, like the ones who did the transplant. Just make sure you cut the KNOB's wires, and not the car's, like my buddy TLud . Good luck.

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