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M3 brake disc sound

I bought my 06 M3 about 5 weeks ago. I was going to buy the 335...but personally didnt like the interior no stones~~

yesterday while driving, i heard some weird sound from my rear right tire. It sounded like there was a little stone stuck in the brake disc, but im not 100% sure. I had that b4 like almost 2 weeks ago. And i checked the tire, i saw nothing stuck in there, so i kept driving. At about 50 mph, i can heard something sounds like a little rock or soemthing dropped off from my tire, and the sound went away with that too.
Did any1 experience that b4? Should I ask my dealer to check what's going on cuz it happened twice in 3 weeks!

Another question for Californians~is it legal to turn on fog light even if there's no fog??

Please ignore my grammar mistakes

Second post, still trying to c how to post my pictures