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Originally Posted by Suprane View Post
All this lunch talk has got me hungry....No,but seriously, I actually wanted to check out the sound on your X-pipe at the next meet Dev, but as my karma goes...I have call that weekend... I think if I take good binoculars I can maybe read some lips at the meet from my call room window..LOL..definitely next time.
Haha! Are you on call all day? Get a lunch break?
Originally Posted by Blake View Post
well gentlemen (and soorena), finally got everything hashed out. jotech in dallas is picking up the gt-r next weekend and it's off to summer camp. here's an early preview of the mod list.

Attachment 369385
Attachment 369386

godzilla is going to be a monster. expecting a solid 750awhp on c16 race gas. i'll post pictures of the build as they come in. i'm pretty pumped.
WOW Blake and I thought I was catching the mod bug, then I see this Can't wait to see/hear this beast!
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