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Originally Posted by Blake View Post's faster than an m3, but it's a piece of shit that falls apart. You can tell the cheapness right away. I wouldn't buy one simply for that reason.
I just drove the car. MY GOD was it fast. It had a corsa exhaust, pulley, long tube headers, and a tune. JESUS CHRIST is all I can say in terms of speed/acceleration.

BUT, Blake, you're right again Shittiest interior ever. It was my Dad's friend Z06 and he's an OBGYN, he's very gentle with the car but you could see the interior was already wearing. Only a year old! Beautiful car, but you guys are right. Chevy POS.

Originally Posted by spicoli024 View Post
Dev, I started with a 1998 SVT Cobra and chose the American sports car route again after that. I assure you after one year (sometimes less) there will be so many creaks, rattles and parts popping off you will go insane. The raw power is fun, in a straight line, but I would be willing to bet you would seriously regret leaving an M3 to get into a Z06 in the long run. Plus, most girls think Corvette drivers are cheese dicks, unless of course you live in Oklahoma or the Texas sticks.
You are right also! Rattled a lot. Very might have had something to do with the loud exhaust though (look at the post above mine)
Originally Posted by Blake View Post
yea i never even mentioned the corvette stigma. you don't wanna be this guy, he drives a corvette:

Originally Posted by thatarchitect View Post

After I sold my E46 M3 I went and looked at Z06s and the E92 M3s. When you get IN a Z06 you will instantly realize why they suck. My grandparents suburban has a nicer interior. In fact, almost every car made has a nicer interior. Everything is cheap plastic. I dare you to find a corvette over 6 months old that the leather isnt completely ruined on. They don't hold up at all.

All that said... If I wanted purely a track car I would buy it. But no way I would DD one of those pieces of $hit.

And as mentioned before you would look like you were going thru a midlife crisis unless it was at the track...

just my .02
I concur with your .02 cents Check the above posts..It was insane, but only if you wanted a car to beat the shit out of. I was going to trade my IS350 in if I were to get a z06, but decided against it..I love my Lexus

On a positive note, I ordered Active Autowerke's X-Pipe with HFCs about ten minutes ago. Very excited to get them on
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