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That is pretty fair

Originally Posted by REP1KRR View Post
Enema, I think you're missing something here. How do you pass judgement of credibility until something has actually been proven or shown true or false?? We don't actually know if the M6 or C6 will be slower than the new M3, so how the hell has he lost any credibility in his statements?? You might not agree with his opinion, but it has nothing to do with credibility. If in the past, Jussi has been PROVEN to be wrong in his original opinions, then his credibility should be a question. There's a difference.
Part of enigma's judgement was that most everyone agreed that physics is simply against any chance of E92 M3 besting Z06 on any track. I am with him on that point. If you use phyiscs you can tell the future. There is just no real possible combinations of power and weight that will push the new M3 that fast. Another part of the argument was on the effect of tires on lap times. Enigma (and others supporting/agreeing) totally won that point as well. I guess if you want to be 100% strict on not being able to know something until you see it then no one can say anyone is right or wrong yet. The other points that Jussi has lost credibility on are E92 M3 being likened to M3 GTR, new M3 having 450 hp and 9000 rpm redline. Again, I guess it ain't truly over until the fat lady sings but we can say these are probably incorrect with what we know now.

Following up on the history point.

E46 M3 History:
Concept car launch: Geneva, March 2000
1st EU deliveries: Dec 2000
1st US deliveries: Feb/Mar (?) 2001

E63 M6:
Debut: Geneva 2005

This makes the elapsed time from Geneva (March) to US delivery:
E46 M3: 12 months
E60 M5: 19 months
E63 M6: 14 months

History points to availability in the US early 2008 at best. However, there is a good bit of variation in the above numbers and a figure like 10 months would not be totally out of place on that list. US deliveries in late 2007 does not seem impossible!