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Originally Posted by PetitPimousse View Post
Thanks for the advice. The reason it's a bit hard to et it go is it had the exact options i wanted and color but you guys are right, it's not priced right so I'll just move on for now.
Well, since you put it that way, you have a choice to make. You can pay more than what we on this thread think the car is worth, but get a car exactly optioned as you like (now--as this glorious weather is descending upon us out east!). Or, you can wait and hope that the exact car comes along again. You may luck out, again. But, it could be next month or in November. To paraphrase some sage advice on this board: if somebody else buys it tomorrow, are you going to be kicking yourself in the ass with regret? If yes, pay $53K and start to enjoy your car. If not, move on and wait. GL!