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Originally Posted by boymonkey View Post
Not so sure about that.
Another good match to see is Silva vs. Shogun Rua.
I believe Silva is the best pound for pound, he's taken on everything thrown at him and handled with ease. He's fought at 170, 185 and 205 with success in each division. I think he should go where the good fighters are which is 205 at the moment. I think once he takes a few more big names he'll get the respect he deserves. Maia is not a good match up as you will see in the next couple days. Evans, Rampage, Lidell, Ortiz would all be great match ups to really test him out.

Shogun is the real deal. I look forward to seeing the rematch against Machida. I think Shogun executed a better fight strategy and caught Machida off guard that's why he put up such a good fight. He was the smarter fighter on the day. This time round Machida will be ready for it and it will be a close fight for sure. My money is on Machida.