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Originally Posted by lacerdaschoon View Post
Damiens ground game is wicked but I just can't see him taking down silva he isn't explosive or strong enough to do so. I think the gap in striking between the two is huge I don't think it will take many exchanges before silva produces the ko. Silva vs gsp would be huge in my opinion silva has the best striking and gsp the best ground game, I actually percieve gsp beating silva on points by simply taking him down and controling him for 3-5 rounds. I think gsp would have no problem taking silva down probably won't inflict much damage but he is a freak at getting u down and keeping u there. Gsp wouldn't want to stand with silva for a minute, it would be a very interesting fight hope it goes down in the next 12 months!
I agree with all your points. I think it comes down to whether Silva fights at 185 or drops to 175. I think GSP will have a harder time taking Silva down at 185 because Silva looks really dominant at that weight. At 175 Silva will lose a lot of KO power and may struggle with take down defence where GSP is so explosive. I think Silva has the psychological advantage though. Every time GSP is questioned about the matchup he looks intimidated and scared which is very unlike GSP. It wouldn't surprise me if Silva KO'd GSP and cemented himself as the best pound for pound in MMA today. It's a dream match up, lets home it happens because there has been a lot of talk about it lately. If you are going to call yourself the best pound for pound you really need to win this fight and win it definitely. Machida v Silva would be a fight I'd love to see too but unfortunately that fight will never happen.