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Originally Posted by natedogg View Post
Ugg i got a ticket yesterday... by my house too!! the cop parket his car in a hidden street on the left. he was standing outside behind cars parket on the side of the street facing down a hill so you couldn't see him, i was going 41 mph and i was suposed to be driving 25 cause a residential area. when he clocked me in on his radar gun he just stood in front of the road and told me to pull over. most cops are hypocrites i see them speed all the time and zig zag through traffic when there sirens aren't even on. how much do you guys think the ticket is going to be??

p.s. there was two cops there and the guy behind me got a ticket too! do these cops make commission or something????

I know its my fault but it seems like they have nothing better to do.
You knew this was coming too.... it is "parked" not "parket"