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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
Jussi...This is one of those little gems that killed your credibility with me. [referencing Jussi stating the new M3 will be quicker than the M6 on Nordschleife] I will hold you to that statement when the cars come out.
Originally Posted by enigma View Post
You were the same one that told us in the past that the car was going to smoke the C6 z06 at the track. Sorry, you lost all your credibility here.
Enigma, I think you're missing something here. How do you pass judgement of credibility until something has actually been proven or shown true or false?? We don't actually know if the M6 or C6 will be slower than the new M3, so how the hell has he lost any credibility in his statements?? You might not agree with his opinion, but it has nothing to do with credibility. If in the past, Jussi has been PROVEN to be wrong in his original opinions, then his credibility should be a question. There's a difference.