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Planning to order soon!

Hi all,

I plan on ordering a coupe for European delivery. I'm 100% sure on three things: color (space gray), interior (black cloth), and transmission (6MT). But please help me decide on the other options. Mainly, I can't figure out if I should get the tech package or not. I feel like the EDC would be useful to have, especially since I plan on getting a SC once the warranty is up, and the tighter sport setting would add a layer of safety w/ the added power. But EDC alone is $1k, so I feel like I'm shelling out another $2k for M drive. (I don't care for the GPS and keyless entry features.) So is M drive worth the extra $2k, when any SC will likely require after-market engine remapping anyway?

Finally, I was planning to order in Nov or Dec, in hopes of a good financing deal, and pick the car up in April of 2011. But now I'm concerned that if I wait that long I won't be able to get the 2011 model. Which may be the last of the V8s? If 2011 is the last of the V8s and Nov or Dec is too late, I'll be placing the order this month for July pickup.

Thanks in advance for any insight!