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Originally Posted by JK42 View Post
Probably should have known better not to post this here at all, but I guess I forgot how some few bad apples on this forum spoil it for the most of the good people on it.



Believe it or not you are not above being qustioned here. You have posted a lot of hard to believe things in the past. You speak with authority but no one here has any reason to believe you over others on this board.

The other poster has a track record of getting this info right. What do you have?

This is one of those little gems that killed your credibility with me.
Originally Posted by JK42 View Post
M6 is 8 minutes exactly on the Nordschleife. Not a track tool, like somebody already said. New M3 will definitely be faster. I place my bet on 7:4x given the current knowledge I have on it's tech specs.

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I will hold you to that statement when the cars come out.