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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Well I'd hate to miss this car as well but if summer 2008 is the final factual US launch date I may be headed to P-car territory as well. That is for now but it would fade so fast! I know it doesn't do an ounce of good but, BMW - get moving or be prepared to loose my money and many others. A few others have already shared this exact senitment and some have acted and posted their bounty (e.g. mloyelo).
P-car = Porsche?

If so, I'm in the same boat as you. The way I see it, the only car company out there that's most similar to BMW is Porsche.

The funny thing is, I just got over telling my friends that I've got a BMW---sometimes I feel guilty saying it, especially to people who are older than me because they have a Ford Escort and I've got a new BMW. Just wait until I say I've got an '07 or '08 Porsche (assuming BMW doesn't release the M3 in the US by December 31st of this year).