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On we go...

Jussi: On the topic of oxymorons: Clearly you must agree that in general, and in fact in MOST cases dealers (we call them "stealers" in the US) are less knowledgable than your average forum enthusiast. I'm not saying your dealer is not knowledgeable, it's just funny how everyone distrusts (to the point of making fun of them) their dealers, with reason, but you have complete trust. Next I never stated I have any better sources than you do, my sources are obvious, this and other good forums. So I guess I have now revealed them. I simply always try to bring some balance and logic to the table.

Like brandonlowe said we have a case here of multiple reasonably qualified sources with totally 100% contradictory "evidence". I disagree with South here: One way to reconcile things is by judging the best/most reliable source. Scott26 and Martin Birkmann seem like darn good sources to me, both with BMW. A dealer can be knowledgable but is most often not. Scott26 and Martin have only chimed in about a release schedule not the SMG/6M/DSG thing. Let's call that a separate topic (I know - with how well we stay on topic not much chance for that...). However, could it be that BMW is purposefully supplying inaccurate information?

We need history and logic as well as sources to best guess the future (and satisfy our raging curiosity and desire to know).


South: If the recent mules in Europe are FEP cars and the car in Geneva will be 99% production what the heck will BWM be doing between March and September - 7 months? Let alone between March 06 and spring/summer 07??? Cars can be designed and brought to production today in about 18 months (GM and others, typically). Can BMW really take one FULL YEAR after Geneva (March 2007) to get this car to it's largest market, the US? I suspect design work began on E92 M3 in mid to late 2005. This would mean 2.5 years from begining of design to sale in largest market when the chasis has already been designed (most of the engine and probably tranny and diff as well). Just does not make any sense at all. It is always in the best interest of a company to get profits from sales of its products absolutely ASAP, assuming their own products don't compete.


BMW claims it takes an M about 2 years to be introduced after the base model is introduced. Perhaps they get cars like the 328 designed and brought to production in 18 month but don't worry as much nor have the specialist (human) resources to get Ms to market at the same brisk pace. Someone needs to put together some time lines for E46 M3, E60 M5 and E63 M6 including dates of first spy photos, launch of non M base car, debuting shows and 1st EU and 1st US deliveries. Any volunteers? Come on Jussi - I know you can help big time with this one! I will make another post on this topic. I have looked for this informaton in the past but have found it quite hard to get it completely and accurately. Also the M5 may not be a particularly fair/representative example because I heard there were significant, late and unplanned delays from some problems (with production I think). I think this is why Scott26 always qualifies dates and says things like barring any unforseen problems and statements like that.

Well I'd hate to miss this car as well but if summer 2008 is the final factual US launch date I may be headed to P-car territory as well. That is for now but it would fade so fast! I know it doesn't do an ounce of good but, BMW - get moving or be prepared to loose my money and many others. A few others have already shared this exact senitment and some have acted and posted their bounty (e.g. mloyelo).