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The upper single amber LED can be disabled by anyone by just snipping a wire on the harness going to the back of the gives no errors, as that's only there for DOT, Euro versions dont have it and the computer doesnt even know its there. I do it free of charge internally when I do the Angel setups, but if anyone wants to just knock it out, just PM me and I'll tell you what to snip...its not that serious and no need to open the headlight for it.

As far as the Corner LED and the resistor, I will be making a brand new thread specifically for the GB with all the info on these (no poop on the title...LMAAAOOOOoo)... It's a custom one off bulb, the resistor pack will just require tapping onto the connector behind the headlight, it's cake.

I could do the resistor for you guys behind the Bulb backing cap but then that will raise a flag when you go do corner delete on your own, rather just keep it simple and reversible.

keep you guys and gals posted