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Originally Posted by THE JEDI View Post
Like I keep telling you all. I love BMW cars, but the production cycle that they have for their cars are just stupid. We have been waiting for the M3 for how long now, and now they say they aint ready yet..bull shit...Lexus got them scared and so does benz... ..not that I would buy either, I wouldn't for any reason.....but to continue to space out the damn introductions does not help.. they have been talking about the E93 convertible for months now.. .no, get on the fricking ball BMW...:mad: ...because I would buy a porsche and not skip a beat this I promise, and a used still on par
1) The E92 M3s time to market from the release of the E90 is basically the same as it was for the E46, so it should come as no surprise.

2) I can assure you that Lexus doesn't have BMW scared. When it comes to sport sedans, BMW sets the bar, not the other way around.

3) If you want a Porsche, buy a Porsche.