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Originally Posted by JK42 View Post
As far as swamp2s oxymoron note: These are facts from the guys that DO know their shit, that actually know the release schedules, talk to BMW in Germany and have orders placed within the BMW ordering system for the cars. But I guess you have better sources of information. Would you like to reveal them?

Your information is certainly not strict evidence like you said, and actually completely FALSE...
I don't like your cynical tone. Maybe you're taking this stuff a little too serious.
It's not about who has "better sources of information." People here share their expectations and opinions aswell as the rumours they heard. I did only tell what I've heard/read/seen. Unlike you I have no problem if somebody proves me wrong. But at this time nobody of us can really prove anything. Although the information I got doesn't correspond to your's I respect your info and you should do the same.
Just don't take it too personal that I didn't praise you to the skies.

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