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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
Since the european sales start in september at the earliest (really, not summer, not june, fall!!) and the european M3 is 3 month ahead, a 2007 US delivery seems very unlikely to me! This is my deliberation, surely not a strict evidence.
As far as swamp2s oxymoron note: These are facts from the guys that DO know their shit, that actually know the release schedules, talk to BMW in Germany and have orders placed within the BMW ordering system for the cars. But I guess you have better sources of information. Would you like to reveal them?

Your information is certainly not strict evidence like you said, and actually completely FALSE - the first week of production of the E92 M3 will be in May. THE CARS HAVE ALREADY BEEN ORDERED. As it turns out, options can be changed on the 3 cars that have been ordered here yet, but the showroom-requirement of 2 months and the usage of the first car as a test drive/demo vehicle remain facts. Options list has not been published yet, neither have the tech specs, but this is usual when they start taking orders for the first production cars before the actual release of the car has happened. That will happen very shortly.

They have already picked out the colors for the cars as well - initially there will be only 2 colors available for the release weeks of the E92 M3 (note this when it comes out and tell me if I was right.) - Interlagos Blue and a apparently some new shade of black (or perhaps Black Sapphire.)

2 of the cars that have been ordered here that will be produced in May will be Interlagos Blue, one will be black - that's the one that would be available for me - another bummer, as I would definitely want a blue one.

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