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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
South: I don't think you can conclude that no FEP cars present in the US means definitively that there can not be US deliveries in 2007.
My deliberation is the following: FEP cars have been driving on german roads since 4 months. But none of the FEP cars have been sighted in US. So the "development" in europe is some months ahead. Since the european sales start in september at the earliest (really, not summer, not june, fall!!) and the european M3 is 3 month ahead, a 2007 US delivery seems very unlikely to me! This is my deliberation, surely not a strict evidence.

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I think the 6M only at first, then DSG later skipping or not offering SMG sounds very suspect/unlikley to me. They are using most of the M5 engine, probably the diff as well, why not the SMG III and just make it most of the drivetrain? If SMG will not be available this is all brand new news inconsistent with everything known/assumed/published/speculated to date. Everything has said 7 speed SMG (SMG III?).

No SMG followed by no DSG for some time along with no US delivery in 2007 is going to be a serious bummer, if true. Ugh.
As I said there are strong indications that there won't be an SMG. I've heard that from different independent sources (also user jimmern confirms here). The speculations why BMW doesn't use SMG differ. Some people say there are technical reasons (SMG III gearbox is too large for implementation in E92 - I personally don't believe this). Most probably the BMW guys were so impressed by the new DSG that they wanted to have it in the prestigious M3.
But development of DSG seems to take longer than expected. So they start with the manual and the DSG will follow when it's ready.

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