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Good discussion

Originally Posted by JK42 View Post
Those are hard cold facts straight from the dealer.
Jussi: Clearly you realize the oxymoronic nature of the above comment! Dealers are best known for inaccurate and not up to date information.

However, I am still buying the timeline of US deliveries in 2007 for the E92 M3.

South: I don't think you can conclude that no FEP cars present in the US means definitively that there can not be US deliveries in 2007.

I think the 6M only at first, then DSG later skipping or not offering SMG sounds very suspect/unlikley to me. They are using most of the M5 engine, probably the diff as well, why not the SMG III and just make it most of the drivetrain? If SMG will not be available this is all brand new news inconsistent with everything known/assumed/published/speculated to date. Everything has said 7 speed SMG (SMG III?).

No SMG followed by no DSG for some time along with no US delivery in 2007 is going to be a serious bummer, if true. Ugh.