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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
The reason these products aren't very popular is because they do not improve power and they burn up ignition coils. Just so you know, more spark energy than what is required to ignite the intake charge produces ZERO increase in power. You could use an ignition that can supply 100,000 volts and 200 amps but if the plug only requires 20,000 volts and .5 amps to fire the mixture, that is all that is used.

If butt dyno's were accurate car companies who test all the nonsense claims by aftermarket suppliers, would use a butt dyno instead of a million dollar engine dyno lab to determine any real power gains.
ya I know if burns up the coils that is why the coils amps are not good. but if if comes with the coils itself like a make coil that will last.

ya I know too much voltage is no good. the car will not feel like its running at all.

I have tried it many times with my GTI in the past.

but I guess the heavy price tag of these plasma coils also has a good play in it as well.

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