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Originally Posted by MVF4Rrider View Post
If you like luxury, get another 335i. If you want a driver's car, and the most modifiable car on the planet, get the M3. I'm a man, so M3 for me. Engine is amazingly rewarding. M3 could use a BBK, suspension upgrade, and mild engine tune to be the perfect all purpose bang-for-the-buck sports coupe. 335is are a dime a dozen and offer no real passion and lasting appeal. It'll soon be just another 3 series.

Most would trade their left arm for a mint E30 M3. As desirable as that car is, by today's standards its performance advantage over comparable cars (old and new) has been completely erased. That isn't to say the car isn't still highly desirable and respected. The E46 M3 is the same, but the 335i still doesn't match the overall performance...especially at high speeds and high rpms where M cars come alive and non-Ms run for cover.

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