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Originally Posted by bmwexecutive View Post
Let me take this each one at a time:

1. Where did Scott say there won't be an M3 in the US until Spring '08? If I recall correctly he was talking about the E93 M3, not E92.

2. That would be ludicrous. SMG is BMW's flagship transmission technology. What you're saying makes no sense. However, I have no info on DSG. Is that an advanced version of SMG?

3. Makes sense. If the OP said July it would be more plausible to me since the production version will be released at Frankfurt soon after.
1. Oh, I see he didn't say spring, he did say before spring but in 2008:
Sorry, that was my mistake; anyway he said there won't be an M3 in the US this year.

2. DSG is the kind of transmission that Audi is already using (for example in TT)
Here's the wikipedia explanation:

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