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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
Sorry for my distrust, but I can't approve some of the good information Jussi gave.

1. If Scott says there won't be a M3 in US till Spring 08 this means guess what: There won't be till spring 08. Supporting that delayed introduction for the states is the fact that there is not one single m3 prototype seen in the US which is from the FEP stage. All the cars cruising around in America are early prototypes. So my guess stays: The time frame Scott gave is quite accurate.

2. There are strong indications that there won't be SMG at all for the M3. The M3 starts with a manual (enough for me) and there will be a DSG, but it's delayed till at least spring 08 (which could be another reason to wait with US introduction).

3. There can't be a "production" car in May because the production will not have started by that time.

Best regards, south
Let me take this each one at a time:

1. Where did Scott say there won't be an M3 in the US until Spring '08? If I recall correctly he was talking about the E93 M3, not E92.

2. That would be ludicrous. SMG is BMW's flagship transmission technology. What you're saying makes no sense. However, I have no info on DSG. Is that an advanced version of SMG?

3. Makes sense. If the OP said July it would be more plausible to me since the production version will be released at Frankfurt soon after.