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mike, thanks for jumping into the thread and providing us some information. and thanks for dropping the stage II GB price down even more! i'm probably going to give you a call to ask a couple questions, but for the benefit of others interested on this thread, i think it would be helpful for you to address the concern that people have since their cars are under warranty and worry that if a tune is discovered by BMW during a routine maintenance appointment, their warranty could be voided. i know you get this question about 10 times a day, but i think it's going to put a lot of concerns to rest for people on this thread.

i know that for those of us interested in the stage II tune, there is an option to pay a nominal fee to upgrade to the stage II + vanos tune and receive the handheld device to flash your car back to stock, etc. could you elaborate more on when this new tune and handheld will be available?

and lastly, there is a decent amount of interest on the e90post side of the group buy and some of the 335/328 guys are wondering about numbers for their cars. any dynos you could post for those models?