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Originally Posted by Ca$hOnly View Post
Akra has the best of both worlds. Good power gains (not the most, Gintani makes ridiculous power), good sound (sounds badass under load, not sure what you haters are taking about), and no drone. Very livable for everyday driving.

Yes a loud exhaust is cool, but after a while is gets REALLY old. I've been there, done that. Akra is the best solution if you hate drone.

Also, people complaining that Akra is so expensive...The system is maybe $1500 more than most stainless steel aftermarket full systems. You have to remember that with Akra you get a full TITANIUM system that's at least 50lbs lighter than the other systems out there. Check the prices on other titianium full systems and let me know if Akra is really overpriced.
very good point...its pretty much up to what the user is looking for