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Originally Posted by Akatsuki View Post
Hi guys!!

I've found this nice 2009 sedan that I want. Their asking price is around 68k. What is the most discount I can get for this bad boy since the 2011 is rolling out at the end of the month. If you know any incentives let me know..

2009 BMW M3 Sedan Brand New fully loaded with DCT
Was: $72,345
Is: $68,345

Thanks everyone.

either this m3 or a nice ISF
Look at the thread on ED pricing for 2011. I believe the invoice for the sedan is a little below $47k. It seems like people are getting around $500 over invoice. Considering that you can get a nicely loaded 2010 e90 through European Delivery for about $60k, I'd be hard pressed to offer more than low 50's out the door for the 09, despite it being new.

I feel like BMW is kind of screwing over some people and dealers by bringing out 2011's this early. It's nice if you're in the market though like myself...