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Originally Posted by xxe92xx View Post
So im wondering what the difference is between the 284 and 292 since i have no clue about cams. Also if I were to get a set installed a supercharger would still be compatible right? I dont see why it wouldnt and what about the gains? 20rwhp possible? would i need to get a tune also?

284 $2599.00

1 0485E1841-L0 Intake Cam (left) 284/132-74/12.0mm/0.15-6.72mm
1 0485E1841-R0 Intake Cam (right) 284/132-74/12.0mm/0.15-6.72mm
1 0485A1841-L0 Exhaust Cam (left) 284/134-86/12.0mm/0.17-5.05mm
1 0485A1841-R0 Exhaust Cam (right) 284/134-86/12.0mm/0.17-5.05mm

292 $2799.00

1 0485E1921-L0 Intake Cam (left) 292/132-74/12.2mm/0.4mm-7.37mm
1 0485E1921-R0 Intake Cam (right) 292/132-74/12.2mm/0.4mm-7.37mm
1 0485A1921-L0 Exhaust Cam (left) 292/134-86/12.2mm/0.35mm-5.75mm
1 0485A1921-R0 Exhaust Cam (right) 292/134-86/12.2mm/0.35mm-5.75mm
Cams and a SC are only compatible if you have a custom tune for it which is very complicated.