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Originally Posted by sparky325i View Post
I have been on the waiting list for the new M3 at my local dealer for over a year and anticipating the new M3, hopefully it will be here before 2008.

A lot of members are referencing historical data regarding release dates and other data and it is widely assumed that the new M3 will have more horsepower than the current Audi RS4 which is rated at 420 hp. 440 hp has been mentioned a lot.

The E36 M3 was rated at 240 hp and the Audio S4 at the time was a 2.7 TT with 250 hp. The E46 M3 was 333 hp, the Audi S4 at the time was a 4.2l V8 at 340 hp. Of note, the M3 was always lighter and faster none the less.

Assuming we regard the RS4 in the same light as the S4s before it, the new M3 will have less than 420 hp, but should be faster and lighter.

The true E36 released in 1995 had 298 HP (S50 B30), and was then upgraded in '97 to 315 HP (S52 B32) also know as the M3 EVO. Now of course these cars were only offered in Europe.

IMHO the US Spec E36 was nothing more then a 328 with cams a sport suspension.

The E46 M3 was the first time since the E30 M3 that both the US and European version of the M3 had the same power plant.